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Yokohama #1 A day last spring

Slow Weekend

My Saturday started a little slow. Slept in till lunch time today. Batteries fully charged, but decided to take it easy today. Get some light coding/writing done and that’s about it for work I guess.

Every now and then I browse through my photo library. Take a look at where I’ve been, what I’ve done, who I’ve met. A picture is worth a thousand words and this particular one is no different. It is extremely safe to take a nap in public Japan.

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Black Ship Burger

Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama 6

Recently had this really good Kurofune Burger at Hard Rock Cafe. The black buns in the “Kurofune” are a reference to the coal-powered American vessels of old that brought Commodore Perry to Japan. He landed at Yokosuka and negotiated a trade treaty with Japan, thus ending over 200 years of isolation. I haven’t been there yet, but am looking forward to visiting it soon.

If not for the warships stationed at the American base there, then at least for the sukajan-s I might be able to get there.

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