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The night view from Cinderella’s castle. Do you leave right after the Tokyo Disneyland Electric Parade and fireworks?

When I’m there, I always stay till the park closes. With less people around and a slightly cool night breeze, it’s quite enjoyable taking a night stroll around the park.

Thunder Gate

Thunder Gate

Two interesting facts I learnt visiting Kaminarimon in Asakusa recently.

1 – Kaminarimon (雷門 “Thunder Gate”) is written on the front. Know what’s written on the back?
2 – What has become of Matsushita Electric (松下電器)?

Kawasaki #1 Isomarusuisan

Dinner at Kawasaki

Dropped into Kawasaki for dinner and came across this very interesting restaurant. I usually don’t go to the other side of the station, stations in Japan usually have 2 sides where you exit, I ventured out that day. And then I saw this restaurant, I knew right away I wanted to eat there – I saw fresh seafood and grills.

Isomarusuisan (磯丸水産).

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Harajuku #1 Nobody Takeshita

Takeshita Dori

Ever been to Harajuku? Ever fought your way through the sea of bodies along Takeshita Street? It’s not a pleasant experience. Especially if it’s summer and everybody is sweaty and sticky! I don’t know about you, but I really dread skin contact in those situations.

What if you could just whizz through Takeshita Dori. Forget about everyone. Forget about progressing 2 inches every 5 minutes (I’m exaggerating of course. ^^.) and just take a brisk walk through towards Shibuya. How would you like that? ^^.

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Ebisu #1 Yebisu Beer Museum

Ebisu 1

Dave was visiting and he wanted to drop by the Yebisu Beer Museum. I haven’t been there myself so we hopped on a train and rode the Hibiya line all the way to Ebisu. ^^. There’s about a 3 minute walk from the station to Yebisu Garden Place where the beer museum is located. The journey starts with getting on this particular escalator. Once you’re on it, you’re all set.

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