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steve jobs by walter isaacson

I finished the book!

I cheated. I didn’t read the entire book. I had it read to me. Spent many commutes listening to the audiobook (which I bought on iTunes). I own the book too. It served as a good reference when I wanted to look up certain paragraphs from the audiobook.

I think it’s a good read and like to believe he achieved his goal of building a lasting company in Apple.

building the Enterprise

Building the Enterprise

Staying true to my new year’s resolution, I wanted some creative stimuli. So, I started another model. This time, another ship. Another because I built the Yamato almost 4 years back. That brought back alot of memories.

Anyway, this time I thought of building an American ship. Also from the waterline series. The Big E. The older Big E. This is one ship with history. I’ve always thought of building the current Enterprise (CVN-65), but the model kit is of a larger scale and I didn’t have room for it. Well, maybe after this one I can reconsider.

I lost a search lamp when putting it together. The pieces are tiny!

A few more steps left to complete the model; painting the planes she carries is going to be an eye squinting experience!

the adventures of sherlock holmes

the open track

The first book I’ve finished reading this year. An old classic. But nevertheless, it was a good read. I’m quite impressed with myself. ^^. I spent my commute on reading the book on my iPad mini. Those are two great feats of accomplishment.

1) Time during commute was spent reading. Not taking a nap, surfing the net, following up with friends on facebook etc.
2) I read it on my iPad mini! I didn’t spend the time playing games. ^^

Slowly working towards my new year’s resolution. Let’s see how long I’ll take to finish my next book!

314 moves

314 moves

I like playing chess, all forms of chess. This is shogi (将棋) – Generals’ chess. But usually referred to as Japanese chess. I was first introduced to this game by my mentor and good friend Tomo when I was in my final year at UNSW. In Sydney no less!

Shogi pieces have an arrow-like top and are placed with that edge facing the other player. There are no colors to separate the pieces.

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God of War 3

God of War

Hey, look what arrived in the mail today.

Nope, this is not the watered down Japanese version. This version is full of gore, brutality, sex, blood, violence, carnage, butchery and bloodiness. Did I miss anything?

Read on the Japanese wiki page that quite a few scenes as well as gameplay had to be modified for sale in Japan. For example, no sacrificing of humans to solve puzzles – monsters are used instead.

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Yamato 1/700


While browsing through my photo library, I came upon some photos I took of my Yamato battleship. It’s of 1/700 scale from Tamiya’s waterline series. Waterline models have a flat base. I like the waterline series. Very easy to display the ships because of it’s flat hull. If you’re into ships, you would know that the waterline refers to where the hull meets the water surface.

There’s something about Yamato that mesmerizes me. I even visited the drydock in Kure where she was constructed.

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