Sakura 2011

Sakura on both sides

Naka-meguro gets extremely crowded during the sakura season. It’s not difficult to see why. With an abundance of sakura tress planted along the Meguro River, one can easily spend an afternoon taking a leisurely stroll and enjoy the sights.

Shops along the river will put out tables by the side of the walkway and start selling food and drinks. If you’re there early and can secure a spot, it’s common practice to have a quick picnic with the sakura trees by the river.

Visiting Naka-meguro during sakura season is one of my yearly rituals.

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Spent an afternoon goofing around at home with the camera.

I particularly like this shot. The word [cyclops] immediately came to mind.

It’s amazing what a teeny bit of experimenting and a dirty mirror can produce.