Logic for Fixing Hunger at Home

Soba  010

if (self.isHungry) {
if (![self checkFridge]) {
if (![self checkWallet]) [self jediMindTrick];
else {
NSString *call = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"homeDeliver%@", self.mood];
SEL placeCall = NSSelectorFromString(call);
if ([self respondsToSelector:placeCall]) [self performSelector:placeCall];
else [self buySomethingFrom711];
else [self cookSomething];
self.isHungry = NO;

Thunder Gate

Thunder Gate

Two interesting facts I learnt visiting Kaminarimon in Asakusa recently.

1 – Kaminarimon (雷門 “Thunder Gate”) is written on the front. Know what’s written on the back?
2 – What has become of Matsushita Electric (松下電器)?

staying put

Ricoh GR Digital III  004

Went by the supermarket on the way home today. Some lights were dimmed out and I noticed that people were walking just that little bit faster. Some supplies were sold out, but there were still enough to go around. Panic buying has resulted in less stock on the shelf, but I expect this issue to smooth itself over the next few days out as companies reorganize their supply routes. Saw some of those big 7-11 trucks today. If convenience stores are getting their stocks replenished, you can be sure that big supermarkets are too.

Alot more people at ground zero have it so much worse.

Remember that west Japan is totally unaffected and anything implemented takes time to go into effect.

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Empty Shelves

Empty Shelves

Have never seen them so empty in my local 7-11. I guess everyone has been stocking up since the earthquake.

The next issue at hand is the nuclear plant at Fukushima and finding the cause of that explosion. When will we get cold fusion?


I was chatting with a friend when the earthquake struck. At first I thought it was one of those “regular” earthquakes. But this time, it lasted quite long. Long enough for me to type a couple of extra messages before power went out. That was when I was disconnected. At times like these, it pays to be using a portable computer, like a MacBook Air. Didn’t lose any data.

M8.8 chat

This earthquake was huge! A brutal M8.8! It struck off the coast of northern Honshu, near Sendai. Massive tsunamis as tall as 10m followed the earthquake. The tsunami left properties destroyed and swept away everything. Houses-cars-ships, anything that can be swept away was swept away. I saw houses submerged underwater, huge ships being swept ashore by the waves. It was very surreal.

Smoke in the horizon.

When it was safe to leave, I left work for home and checked on my neighbors. It was a good thing I could still get information about the earthquake via 3G on my iPhone. Twitter was awesome too. Could read friends’ feeds and find out that they are also fine.

TV in the car.

There was no power, I resorted to staying in my car, watching TV and keeping warm. Managed to get some supplies from home as well as additional rations from 7-11. Was getting ready to camp in the car if power couldn’t be restored tonight. It has since been restored in my neighborhood.

Trains weren’t running, bicycles sold like hot cakes and many people were looking at renting cars to get home. It’s really cold tonight. I hope everyone has a place to keep warm. Earthquake, tsunami, fire, cold weather. It’s the pits.

Everyone is behaving very ordering. There’s no looting nor is there any sort of bad behavior. I think this is something that we all can learn from the Japanese. Emergency workers must be working hard. Let’s pray that they can get to everyone who needs their help.