A simple text editor with a twist. Created this for times when I’m writing long documents and need an extra view to see what I’ve written elsewhere instead of scrolling all the time.

Since this got into the store, I’ve got positive feedback from songwriters, writers, bloggers and people who just love to write. Thank you for your support!

A split view is very natural don’t you think? Please can check it out at the web App Store.

Couldn’t help but borrow the quote from Apple’s timeless “Think Different” commercial.

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Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands  023

This is the hottest new attraction in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

MBS is developed by Las Vegas Sands and features a 2,560-room hotel, a 120,000 sq.m. convention-exhibition center, The Shoppes mall, an Art and Science museum, two Sands Theatres, six “celebrity chef” restaurants, two floating pavilions and a casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines.

That’s quite a mouthful. Couldn’t resist not visiting the place. Must say, I’m pretty impressed with the design. Looks rather futuristic don’t you think?

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Driving in Malaysia

Driving in Malaysia

Been driving quite a bit when I went back to Malaysia. It’s pretty difficult to get around with public transport so most people have their own wheels. Petrol is cheap too. Being an oil producing country, the government subsidizes the cost of petrol. I remember it was RM2.10/litre. With the current exchange rate, it works out to be approximately ¥57. Crazy isn’t it.

I like driving. I also like being able to jump into the car and shoot off into the horizon somewhere. Getting a little tired from riding trains and buses all the time. Maybe I should start securing a parking spot…


ciPhone & iPhone

First time seeing a ciPhone up close! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What do you think? 

ciPhone & iPhone

Can you pick up the differences? I always wonder, what does the “c” represent? China or crap? ^^. They could have done a better job.  



Currently on vacation back home in Malaysia. It’s amazing how Malaysia is cooler than Tokyo this time of the year.

Finally got to meet Jaden, our family’s Golden Retriever. Isn’t he just a cutie. ^^. How can you resist this smile.

He is camera shy. Always turning away when I took the camera out. Was quite difficult getting him to look at the camera. ^^.

Jaden by the pond

Do all retrievers love being in water? Had a dip in the pond earlier this morning to carry him out.

Do you have a dog of your own?