God of War 3

God of War

Hey, look what arrived in the mail today.

Nope, this is not the watered down Japanese version. This version is full of gore, brutality, sex, blood, violence, carnage, butchery and bloodiness. Did I miss anything?

Read on the Japanese wiki page that quite a few scenes as well as gameplay had to be modified for sale in Japan. For example, no sacrificing of humans to solve puzzles – monsters are used instead.

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Hiyoshi then and now

Hiyoshi Campus

Couldn’t help but marvel at the development around Hiyoshi Station when I chanced upon this aerial shot taken way back in 1934.

It was an aerial photograph of Keio University’s Hiyoshi campus – those white buildings in the center of the photo.

There was nothing but farmland and lots of green surrounding the campus back then!

Hiyoshi Map

Fast forward 76 years. We more more buildings, but much less farmland.

I’m just amazed that we still have the same network of roads!

Balik kampung

The Malay term “balik kampung” refers to returning to one’s village. In most cultures, there’s always a period where people balik kampung. In the States I believe it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas? In Japan, it’s always over the new year or during the o-bon period. For Malaysian Chinese, it’s always during lunar new year.

Took these photos on my previous iPhone 3G on our way back in January 2009. Can’t believe it’s been a year.

けん:「うん、balik kampung です。」

DDD – Dunkin’ Donuts Drive thru. Have yet to see a Dunkin’ Donuts in Japan yet. Donuts are huge in Japan, but not so in Malaysia. Those round snacks with a hole have some pretty stiff local competition.

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