Chinese sausages

Chinese Sausages

Didn’t consume enough chinese sausages for lunar new year this time around. We usually eat at a family friend’s restaurant, but he has retired since then. And so my consumption this year slumped to just 1 dish.

The term “chinese sausage” is pretty generic. These sausages come in all shapes and sizes – even taste and names! Some are made with pork, others with duck liver and even some with chicken, beef, turkey, mutton and fish!

With the high fat content, these sausages usually don’t do wonders for your health. But the good things in life usually don’t. ^^.

Can you name every chinese sausage in this photo?

If you’re interested in the price, here’s a link to a large image.

Masks in Japan

Stop 花粉

With spring comes 花粉症 (kafunsyou), also referred to as hayfever. Spring is probably the season where most Japanese don a mask to block out pollen.

While these masks in the photo above are great at what they do, they are old tech.

There is ongoing research at making the perfect mask. Wearing a mask poses several issues – issues like to what extent does the mask protect the wearer, fogging of the glasses and being considered unfashionable.

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一週間の日本語日記 #2



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Jiyugaoka #1 The station

Jiyugaoka Crossing

Jiyugaoka is along the Tokyu Toyoko Line which runs from Shibuya to Yokohama. It’s a pretty terrific line. Lots of interesting stops. Jiyugaoka is where the “osyare” go shopping. ^^.

Was out and about Jiyugaoka today. Part shopping, part experimenting with my new toy.

Can you guess what it is? Use your Byakugan and look closely. Sorry, no prizes to give away. Just bragging rights that you have good eyes.