Super-size Japan (デカ盛り)


This post is going to be about food. Lots of food. Really. Lots of food. I was watching tv asahi’s Onegai! Ranking (お願い!ランキング) the other day when they were featuring “super-size” (デカ盛り, deka mori) meals. The 3 restaurants they ranked are in Saitama. So if you do live nearby, please give it a try and tell me how it went.

Oh. The picture above, that’s a mega 4kilos worth of solid yakisoba goodness. Think you can handle ¥5000 worth of yakisoba? ^^. Finish it within 20 minutes and you get a ¥10,000 cash prize. Girls get an additional 5 minutes.

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一週間の日本語日記 #1

一週間の日本語日記 #1


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Kendo convenience

Kendo in Japan

Japan is well known for her honesty. If you dropped something, chances are it’ll still be there when you return to look for it. I don’t think anyone appreciates this honesty as much as a kendoka (剣道家), a kendo practitioner. In Japan, instead of carrying our kendo gear around everywhere, it is perfectly ok to just leave it in a corner out of everyone’s way. Leave it in a corner, go shopping, have lunch and it’ll still be there when we get back.

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Yokohama #1 A day last spring

Slow Weekend

My Saturday started a little slow. Slept in till lunch time today. Batteries fully charged, but decided to take it easy today. Get some light coding/writing done and that’s about it for work I guess.

Every now and then I browse through my photo library. Take a look at where I’ve been, what I’ve done, who I’ve met. A picture is worth a thousand words and this particular one is no different. It is extremely safe to take a nap in public Japan.

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Dondo Yaki (どんど焼き)

DondoYaki  001

I experienced my first Dondo Yaki (どんど焼き). It’s a Japanese event associated with the New Year when families get together at the shrine to send off the Toshigami (歳神) by burning off new year decorations.

Long ago, Japan used the lunar calendar and this event was held on the 15th day. Pretty similar to the chinese lantern festival which is held on that particular day. However, Japan has since switched to using the Georgian calendar and rest is recent history. Like Seijin no hi (成人の日) which is held on the second Monday in January, dondo Yaki (どんど焼き) is held on either the second Sunday or Monday in January. I guess when depends on your local shrine.

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