Keio Techno Mall 2009

Keio Techno Mall  028

Have you been to the Tokyo International Forum in Ginza? Just off Yurakucho Station along the JR Yamanote Line. I was there last week for the Keio Techno Mall. This annual event is organized by Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology.

Entry is free and the event showcases some of the cutting edge research currently being brewed within the Faculty’s four walls.
It is a great chance for folks in the industry as well as you and I to check out how academic research is going to change the world. ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  001

There were a few posters in English, but unfortunately, most of the content was in Japanese. However, everyone speaks fluent English and would most certainly explain the ABCs of their research to you should you ask. ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  002

Each booth showcases a research laboratory within the faculty. Japanese university research labs are named after the Professor in charge. If the Professor’s name is Tanaka Ichiro, then the research lab would be referred to as Tanaka Lab.

This is Saitoh Lab and they are all about finding a new sound. ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  003

A short video clip about Keio Techno Mall will eventually end up on the Keio University YouTube channel soon enough. So you’ll be able to learn about what this fine gent here is playing.

Keio Techno Mall  004

Miki Lab is working on nano and micro sized devices. Micro is on a scale of 10-6 and Nano 10-9. Here’s an easy question. Which is smaller? ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  005

Keio Techno Mall is also a good chance for kids to get out of the classroom and go on a school trip!

Keio Techno Mall  006

What do we have here?

Keio Techno Mall  007

That’s a nice piece of headwear! What does it do?

Keio Techno Mall  008

Ushida and Tomita Lab hope to give you Star Wars like Force powers by letting you move things via thought and only thought. All you have to do is suit up your brain with their Brain-Machine-Interface! Their work as been heavily featured in newspapers and it’s pretty impressive.

It would really be an invaluable tool for people who are physically challenged. Right now, they are also pushing to apply the technology in muscle rehabilitation.

Keio Techno Mall  009

Onishi Lab is giving a demo of their work on a haptic robotic hand.

Keio Techno Mall  010

Shiratori Lab has done some pretty impressive work in developing water-proof coatings. Jump into a swimming pool with a coated t-shirt and you’ll only get wet (not the t-shirt). ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  011

I remain impressed by researchers who dwell into hardware. I’ve always been involved in creating new mathematical models and developing software to run them. Lots of computation and simulations. Although I don’t have to wait for things to get built, I have to wait for simulations to finish running. ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  012


Keio Techno Mall  013

A new P2P file transfer algorithm.

Keio Techno Mall  014

PS3s linked together for cluster computing. Amano Lab has 72 white PS3s locked away crunching numbers all day long. I blogged about this a while back.

BTW, you can also learn about their research from the Keio University YouTube Channel. You get to see their PS3s somewhere towards the middle.

I wonder what they did with the 72 game controllers…

Keio Techno Mall  015

The students at Okada Lab giving a demo of their research in touch manipulation. I haven’t tried Microsoft Surfaces. Have you?

Keio Techno Mall  016

I have tried using a Windows 7 touch-enabled computer at the electronics store, it wasn’t very intuitive and my arms got tired after a while.

Currently, I think that technology on a display is only good for using short intervals at a time. Especially when you treat your computer like a music jukebox.

I know Tom Cruise’s computer in Minority Report is super cool, but who wants to sit in front of a computer for hours waving their hands in front of them? Or who wants to stare at a display full of finger smudges?

Maybe if you remove the display? …

Keio Techno Mall  017

This is probably my favorite. Another group of students in Okada Lab is giving a demo of their smell dispenser.

Keio Techno Mall  018

The Professor has a portable unit that we can all wear when watching gourmet programs on TV. We’ll get to smell what the chef wants us to smell. ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  019

The device looks pretty good.

Keio Techno Mall  020

hmmm… I smell Lavender.

Imagine sending a friend an email with a smell attached, “Hey this curry smells good!”, when in fact, you’ve attached your atomic fart! The consequences would be disastrous!

Sorry, can’t help myself when it comes to fart jokes. ^^.

Keio Techno Mall  021

There was a rest area in the middle of the exhibition hall when one could sit down and enjoy keynote lectures/discussions.

Keio Techno Mall  022

Why is there a baby doll involved?

Keio Techno Mall  023

Aoki Lab is developing a monitoring system. You can learn more about it by watching their Research Introductory Video.

Keio Techno Mall  024

There was a panel discussion on the past and future of the Keio Leading-edge Laboratory (KLL).

Keio Techno Mall  025

Professor Tojiro Aoyama, our Dean at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Keio Techno Mall  026

That’s about it for now I guess, there were alot more other ground-breaking, earth-shattering research being showcased, but I only managed these few photos.

Will leave you now with some other photos taken inside the Tokyo International Forum building.

Keio Techno Mall  027

Nice architecture.

Keio Techno Mall  029

This is easily one of my favorites. ^^.

If you’re interested in the Keio Techno Mall, you can find more informations at their website. Did anything catch your eye, nose maybe?

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