On Shinkansen Seats and Toilets


Shinkansen is probably the most convenient way of traveling medium-long distances in Japan. For trips with distances longer than long, fly. ^^.

Unlike flying, when using the bullet train, there’s no need to catch a bus/train to get into the city from the airport because one usually gets off (and on) the shinkansen at a major city station. In fact, you’ll only catch a bus/train to get out of the city!

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Ingenious Parking in Japan

Ingenious Parking in Japan

I have to hand it to the Japanese family that lives here. Isn’t this just an ingenious use of space? Also protects the car from birds flying overhead. ^^. Might be a little difficult should the family upgrade to a bigger car. Don’t suppose a 4WD will fit in there. Do you?

At least it’s much better better than this.