Nobel Laureate Peter Grüenburg

Peter Grüenburg  001

Just a few days ago, I was in Sendai attending a seminar on Spintronics research. It was there that I met Nobel Laureate Peter Grünberg. He was among the keynote speakers we had at the seminar.

What do we know about Peter Grünberg?

He is a German physicist and shares the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of giant magnetoresistance (GMR) with Albert Fert. This discovery brought about a major breakthrough in gigabyte hard disk drives. If you’re using a computer right now, there’s a high probability that the hard disk you have there has a GMR read head.

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Sendai Again

Sendai Again

Left rainy Tokyo and am now in sunny Sendai again for a 2 day seminar. Sendai is a very popular city for holding conferences and seminars. It’s not my first time here because of work. I always enjoy being in Sendai though. Located just under 2 hours by Shinkansen north of Tokyo, she’s ranked quite high on my list of favorite cities in Japan. The weather is great, the girls are cute and gyutan yummy. ^^.

Have you been to Sendai?

More Manly Tofu

More Otokomae

I wrote about 男前豆腐 (otokomae tofu) a while back. Am such a big fan that I even have their T-shirt and cap, which I proudly don on tofu days.

When these showed up in the supermarket, naturally I could not resist. 一本気豆腐. How cool a name is that?!

Are you having enough tofu? ^^.

Quater Pounder in Japan

Quater Pounder with Bacon and BBQ Sauce

To commemorate their quarter pounder’s success in Japan, Mcdonalds Japan has released into the wild (and into my tummy) a commemorative variant with bacon and bbq sauce.

Scrumptious. But there was this one thing that bothered me as I had my way with the quarter pounder. I found her buns a little small. I remembered quarter pounders to have bigger buns when I was living in Sydney.

Food portions differ from country to country. Do Mcdonalds’ burgers differ in sizes too?

Trackpad Handwriting


In between typing today, I thought I’ll just give trackpad handwriting a go. It’s not enabled for Japanese inputs on Snow Leopard. If you want to use it or give it a whirl, you’ll have to enable chinese inputs. Although there’s a choice between traditional or simplified characters (traditional usually involves more strokes), if you intend to use this for writing Japanese kanji, go with traditional characters.

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