Halloween Hot Pot


I don’t really celebrate halloween, but it’s an excuse to do something different today. And I like doing something different. ^^. It’s halloween and I’m having Jack O’Carrot visit me in my 鶏鍋 (tori nabe, loosely… chicken hot pot). What are you eating this 2009 Halloween?

Happy Halloween people, treat or twit.

HTC Hero

HTC Hero

Had a chance to try out the famed HTC Hero the other night. Phone belongs to Kyle who bought it in the UK. I couldn’t let a chance like that slip by since the Hero isn’t available in Japan… yet. I don’t even know if it’s going to come to Japan.

Anyway, that aside. Interface looks pretty good. The phone wasn’t very responsive to my touches. I had to apply a little more pressure. But Kyle assured me that it was the protective cover he had on’s fault.

What I do like about Android is the pattern recognition unlock screen.

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Japanese Sunsets

I hate lines

Took a breather just before 5 today. Stared out a window and saw the sun set in the horizon. As buildings around here are pretty short, sunsets are simply spectacular on a clear day. I’m sure I’ve asked this question a gazillion times, but are you a sunset or sunrise person?

Back in Tokyo

Back in Tokyo

Just arrived back home from a weekend of sports in Nagano. Was disconnected for most of the trip. Did I miss out on anything last weekend?

Our research group spent the whole long weekend out in the countryside playing basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, orienteering, softball, table tennis etc in the day. At night, it was all bodacious drinking and merry making.

I climbed another mountain during the trip too. At 2530m, it’s not as high as Mt. Fuji, but still very tough to climb.

Will blog and have photos up later when I’ve unpacked and properly rested. ^^.