Beats by Dr. Dre – Tour

beats 1

I have a problem. Apple standard issue earphones never fit my left ear. It slides and totally ruins the listening experience. Do you have the same problem? In the past, I used those black cushiony things that wrapped around Apple standard issue earphones. Those really helped. Alas, I ran out of those black cushiony things.

Irritated that those earphones “no longer fit”, I went in search for one that did. And my search ended with this.

Beats by Dr. Dre. Tour.

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My PhD Graduation

phd grad 1

Was a little late for the general ceremony in the main hall. The President of the University gave us all an inspiring commencement address before we were all sent to our respective graduation ceremonies.

Graduations for every school within the university are held on a single day in Japan. Back in UNSW where I did my bachelors, different schools held their graduations on different days. What is it like for you?

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Japanese Koban

Out on patrol

A Koban (交番) is a police box in Japan. It’s like your neighborhood police station but only miniaturized, very miniaturized. The officers stationed here are currently out on patrol. But one is free to use the phone inside.

I don’t think you’re allowed to make overseas calls though. ^^.

Keio University Hub

Waiting for a drink

The Hub, a chain of British pubs in Japan, on Hiyoshi campus at Keio University. Very convenient for those times when you just need to down a Guinness, watch some sports and unwind away after spending hours in front of the computer… or if you’re even more hands-on, an experimental setup. The legal drinking age in Japan is 20. If you’re not yet 20, there’s always red bull. ^^.

Hub is not exactly the Roundhouse at my other Alma Mater, the University of New South Wales in Sydney, but it’s a good start!