Yamato 1/700


While browsing through my photo library, I came upon some photos I took of my Yamato battleship. It’s of 1/700 scale from Tamiya’s waterline series. Waterline models have a flat base. I like the waterline series. Very easy to display the ships because of it’s flat hull. If you’re into ships, you would know that the waterline refers to where the hull meets the water surface.

There’s something about Yamato that mesmerizes me. I even visited the drydock in Kure where she was constructed.


It was my first attempt at building a ship model. I got all the necessary paint when I bought the model. The colors you’ll need are usually listed outside on the box. I didn’t want a simple gray ship, so I spent the extra time in adding color to it.

Can’t remember how long it took me to put it all together. I think it was somewhere between a few days to a week. I remember most of the time was spent waiting for the paint to dry. Putting all the small parts together also proved to be quite a challenge. Had to use tweezers to pick up most of the small pieces.

I had a dream of making specific ship models at this 1/700 scale and reenacting a past battle. Building all those ships and having them all laid out on a blue tabletop reminiscent of the Pacific ocean. Alas, I do not have the space for it right now. Have to shelf this dream until I have enough space to spare my own display room. ^^. I hope Tamiya will still be producing waterline series models then.

My Yamato came out pretty ok. Not too happy about the paint job. ^^. I think I’ll try again with a larger scaled model. There are only 2 other Tamiya models I’m looking forward to build at this time. Both are of 1/350 scale. Twice as big as this Yamato. They are the Battleship Yamato (again) and the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise. Did you know that the Enterprise has been in commission for almost half a century now!

How do you like building ship models?

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  • http://www.sapphiredragon.co.nr Sapphire Dragon

    I just saw your blog from Twitter. That ship looks amazing, I think you did a great job on it! And I’ve never really known much about ship models, but I love hearing about hobbies like this. I learn as I see them.

  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    thanks for stopping by. ^^. hope you see you around!

  • http://www.protocolsnow.com Protocol Snow

    When I was younger, I dreamed of building model ships. But I didn’t have any money when I was a kid, and now that I’m older, I don’t have the patience ^^;;
    .-= Protocol Snow´s last blog ..Anatomy of an arcade stick =-.

  • http://bigstick-freshturd-hotday.blogspot.com/ =^.^=

    what ever happened to space battleship yamato…that was my fav
    .-= =^.^=´s last blog ..W00t W00t =-.

  • http://www.sapphiredragon.co.nr Sapphire Dragon

    No problem. ^_^ I hope to see you around as well, and I’ll stop by for a few more of your blog posts when I can! ~

  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    never too late to start. ^^. just decide when to do it and do it. a snap decision works best.

  • http://uselessthoughts.net/blog/ samejima

    Used to build car model kits when I was younger but now switched to robot model kits.
    .-= samejima´s last blog ..Moved to FC2 Blog =-.

  • ronald

    seen the huge lego version of battleship Yamato? totally awesome

  • http://modelbus-sailormoon.webs.com MegaMoonLiner


    While I was searching the web for more info about this model, I came across this page of yours. How difficult is to build it?

    I ask this because I am going to build this one much probably this or the next week and I’d like to know everything before starting up.

    And, yes, I already built many plastic models, thus the USS Nimitz (Italeri), the Queen Mary (Revell) (both in 1/400 scale), the QM2, QE2, AIDAcara and RMS Titanic (both in 1/1200 scale & from Revell) are part of.

    The Queen Mary was the biggest challenge I had; it’s a level 4, in a difficulty scale from 1 to 5.

    Hope to see a response from you soon! :)


  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    Hey, thanks for dropping by.

    I think with your experience, Yamato shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge for you. As with ship kits, painting the small parts are always a challenge. You paint your models too?

    I love this kit. Had lots of fun making it. Hope you’ll have as much of a great time putting it together as I did! Good luck!