Maruko bashi

Marukobashi 1

Maruko-bashi runs across Tamagawa (Tama river) which borders Tokyo and Kanagawa. Depending on where I’m headed, the car navigation system (car navi for short) greets me with a “You’ve entered Tokyo” (東京都に入りました) or “You’ve entered Kanagawa” (神奈川県に入りました) whenever I drive across this bridge. There’s a walkway for pedestrians on either side of the bridge. If you’re up for it, a pretty nice stroll awaits. Today, I’m just here for the lights.

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Kuay Tiew Nam Tok Moo


Had a sudden craving for Thai tonight. So, I didn’t the only honorable thing. I went to Bangkok Kitchen in Jiyugaoka (自由が丘) for some chow. I was craving this particular bowl of noodles called ก๋วยเตี๋ยว น้ำตกหมู. I’m told it reads Kuay Tiew Nam Tok Moo. Kuay Tiew translates into rice noodles. Nam Tok means brown soup and Moo means pork (not cow).

Does it mean anything if you crave ก๋วยเตี๋ยว น้ำตกหมู? ^^.

Yellowbird Camera

This is just about the coolest video I’ve seen so far!

Why? Try doing this. When the video is playing, click and drag within the video. You’ll see why. AMAZING! Simply amazing!

A little something lifted from the yellowBird homepage. They have a rather long url.

A variant of the yellowBird camera is being utilized within the Google Streetview technology. The prominent difference is that the yellowBird camera records video instead of photographs. The camera uses six cleverly divided lenses in order to capture every possible viewing direction. The data stream generated by the camera is impressive. Through a double glass-fiber connection, a stream of 1200 Mbit per second is captured and saved in an uncompressed format. Next to the camera, a surround sound microphone system enables to record audio at 96 khz as well.

The yellowbird camera can be utilized in a variety of ways. First of all, videos can be captured from a regular tripod. Additionally the camera can be setup within a steadycam suit and “float” above the head of the camera operator. Furthermore, multiple connections support the camera to be mounted on a car or under a helicopter.

All that sexy tech talk. How cool is that!

Keio open campus 2009

Keio’s annual open campus. This year, I find myself helping out. At the orientation hall right now. Most of our visitors are high school students. I’ve not seen so many young faces in a long time. ^^. I see many girls in uniforms. Not so much guys.

Yamato 1/700


While browsing through my photo library, I came upon some photos I took of my Yamato battleship. It’s of 1/700 scale from Tamiya’s waterline series. Waterline models have a flat base. I like the waterline series. Very easy to display the ships because of it’s flat hull. If you’re into ships, you would know that the waterline refers to where the hull meets the water surface.

There’s something about Yamato that mesmerizes me. I even visited the drydock in Kure where she was constructed.

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Climbing Fujisan #4 The Experience

Climbing Fujisan 14

Climbing Mt. Fuji was, in a word, veryveryverytough. The view from the top though, simply spectacular. I’ve been meaning to make the climb ever since I came to Japan. Been meaning to do it for 5 years now. So why now? I went on the 8th night, a day after I submitted my doctoral dissertation. It felt like the perfect time, a now-or-never situation. And so, I went.

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