Angry Whopper 7.0

ARRRR! Tried. But I just could not get angry. ^^. Met up with photographer Lenard Po for a eat meet in Shibuya. We ended up at Burger King because I wanted to try their new (at least in Japan) Angry Whopper.

It is advertised as having 5 levels of angriness. 1 being not so angry and, of course, 5 feeling wrathful. There’s even a junior sized whopper for the kids.

I didn’t go for any levels between 1 and 5. I went for 7. A7. Adding levels costs extra.

Here’s my set with coke and fries.

It comes with a little cup to hold sauces. Spares me from having to pour the sauce out on the sheet of tray liner. Can you see the Jalapeño peppers hanging out of the burger?!

Here’s a closer look. Maybe I should have stuck with levels between 1-5. Might have been less messy and easier to hold.

Want a bite? It wasn’t that spicy anyway. ^^.

Harajuku #1 Nobody Takeshita

Takeshita Dori

Ever been to Harajuku? Ever fought your way through the sea of bodies along Takeshita Street? It’s not a pleasant experience. Especially if it’s summer and everybody is sweaty and sticky! I don’t know about you, but I really dread skin contact in those situations.

What if you could just whizz through Takeshita Dori. Forget about everyone. Forget about progressing 2 inches every 5 minutes (I’m exaggerating of course. ^^.) and just take a brisk walk through towards Shibuya. How would you like that? ^^.

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Keitai straps

The international center organized a little gathering for soon to be graduating students. I just happened to be one of them. ^^. In addition to the food and booze, we were also given gifts. I got a keitai strap. It’s pretty nice. Simple, clean and uses Keio’s official colors. The only thing bad about it is me. I’m not a big fan of adding bulk to my phone. ^^. I’m thinking of other uses for it. A keychain perhaps. Do you have any good ideas? I’m open to suggestions. ^^.

My PhD Defense Keynote

defense 2

Had my PhD public defense a few days ago on Wednesday 22nd July. It was held in this huge hall with high tech facilities. Booked it many hours before, so I had a good chance to test out the system and tune my slides for this all important keynote that would determine my fate.

The projector is lowered from the ceiling. It reminds me of Airwolf. How many of you are familiar with Airwolf? It was from a time long long ago. ^^. Particularly the compartment on the helicopter’s belly responsible for launching its deadly missiles!

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Transformers Takara DVD

My friends visiting Japan bought me a little gift. It’s a DVD boxset of the transformers series in Japan. The headmasters, godmasters and victory series. Have any of you seen any of those? These Transformers cartoons were always showing on saturday morning tv back when I was in primary school. I remember it very well because I used to skip extra classes at school just so that I could watch them. And I turned out alright. ^^. Have to find some time to watch the cartoons and relive my childhood memories. What other cartoons did you grow up on?

Here are some videos I found on YouTube. Any ring a bell?




God Ginrai!

The only thing better than a good movie

is watching a 3D version of said good movie. ^^. Caught Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when it premiered on the IMAX screen. The first 20 minutes was in pure glorious 3D. Sure, we had to put on funky googles. But watching Death Eaters fly around London and messing things up in 3D was worth every second of it. I wonder… was there any mention of the Millennium Bridge in the book?