The missing refrigerator door

Now that the mercury has risen and we’re nearing summer, the refrigerator doors seem to have upped and went for a holiday. No more opening doors to pick up your favorite drinks. All you have to do is to reach out and grab it! Seems like a good way to help keep the store cool too. Might even save the shop some ¥.

Yakiniku in Roppongi


Met up with a friend for dinner last night. He brought me to a famous yakiniku place in Roppongi. I believe the name was とうがらし (tougarashi), which is the Japanese word for red pepper. One of the things you’ll notice straightaway when you are seated is the lack of sauces on the table. It’s the store’s policy not to provide sauces for the meat. According to the boss, once you sauced everything, it all tastes the same. They serve good beef here and want you to appreciate the taste of the meat. The fat and oil that drip from it… ummmm.. So believe me when I say you don’t need sauces to go with the meat. ^^. There’s also something else about this place too.

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3D advertisements

3D advertisements

Spotted a 3D ad on the train for one of those goodness-packed drinks/jello (?). Haven’t really tried any myself though. You know what would be great? To be able to reach out and grab a drink from the ad and it’ll automagically replace itself!

Michael has left the building

WTF! Waking up in the morning, turning on the TV and what do I see/hear? Michael Jackson died from a heart attack?! He was 50.

Although my first MJ album wasn’t Thriller, but Bad, my all-time favourite is still Billie Jean from Thriller. What’s yours? Bought the cassette way back when I was 8.

Can’t believe he’s gone though. I always thought he’ll be around forever (in a way he is). Rest in peace MJ. My friend who got hold of a ticket is going to be really disappointed…



Spotted these cool USB Keys when I visited the local Apple Store recently. Pretty cool design. I used to buy USB drives whenever I felt they were cheap. Will usually pick up a 2GB for ¥500. Since it’s so cheap, I figured it saves me the trouble of sorting out what to delete in my other thumbdrives. Are you guilty of that too? I’ve got 6GB spread over a family of 4 drives. 1+1+2+2. But as USB drives gain capacity, that’s all about to change for me.

Most of the time I only use my USB drives for backup, sometimes for sharing files. I’ve done such a good job of evangelizing that I don’t usually have to bother with the FAT32 format anymore. ^^. Transfer over FAT32 is really slow and the first thing I always do is to reformat the drive. Do you have this habit too?

Really like this design. Slick, sturdy… metallic. Know of any other slick USB drives?

Black Ship Burger

Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama 6

Recently had this really good Kurofune Burger at Hard Rock Cafe. The black buns in the “Kurofune” are a reference to the coal-powered American vessels of old that brought Commodore Perry to Japan. He landed at Yokosuka and negotiated a trade treaty with Japan, thus ending over 200 years of isolation. I haven’t been there yet, but am looking forward to visiting it soon.

If not for the warships stationed at the American base there, then at least for the sukajan-s I might be able to get there.

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