Wolfram|Alpha and HAL


Lurve the reference to HAL in Wolfram|Alpha. “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that…” Classic! Btw, do you guys know what HAL means, where it came from and why the letters H, A and L? The last bit about the letters is probably the most interesting. ^^.

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  • alex

    That’s cool!

    can’t remember what H. A. L stands for…. google it with Wolfram|Alpha :p

  • http://michaelflux.com Michael Flux

    Yeah, saw it while playing around with it before the launch, quite witty, I like :)

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  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    Did you know HAL is one above IBM? ^^

  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    If it was “I’m sorry Ken….” I would be REALLY impressed! :)

  • http://www.protocolsnow.com ProtocolSnow

    Wow. My mind is blown =O

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  • Jason

    HAL – “Heuristic ALgorithmic”. It was joked that that was to be one step ahead of IBM, but Arthur C. Clarke remarked that, had he noticed it, he would have changed it.

  • John Gray

    “Is it true that you named it HAL to stay one step ahead of IBM?”
    “Not that old canard;it’s stands for Heuristic ALgorithm!”
    A snippet from Clarke’s sequel to 2001(the book,not the movie).

  • david

    HAL is for Heuristic ALgorithmic

  • http://www.kynapple.com Kyna

    Wolfram Alpha’s great.

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