Japanese dessert colors

Japanese ice-cream

Have you tried Japanese ice-cream? I mean real Japanese flavored ice-cream. Flavors like Macha, green tea, soybean, red bean, sweet potato, bitter gourd, melon etc. When dearest mommy was in town, she couldn’t get enough of red sweet potato (紅芋, beni-imo) flavored ice cream. This photo wasn’t taken there, but Blue Seal ice cream parlor from Okinawa does carry lots of traditional flavors. There is a shop right next to Tokyu Hands in Shibuya.

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The night with the orange crescent

Random night shot

Just another random night shot with an orange crescent moon.

Another random night shot. It’s fun taking photos outside late at night. Cool breeze in your hair and everything feels so much slower. You can take your time playing around with the camera settings, no hustle and bustle associated with day time. Although it depends on where you are loitering around late at night, it’s generally pretty safe everywhere in Japan. ^^. Not so in many other countries that I’ve lived in. Especially if you’re going to be lugging around a big camera at night.

I’ve really come to appreciate how safe Japan is. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful though. Always practice the usual precautions. ^^.