Erasable Frixion pens

I was at LOFT the other day, just browsing. I always check out the stationary section when I’m at LOFT. Has Japan been referred to as stationary heaven yet? ^^. Found myself stuck at the Frixion pens corner.

Frixion products

It’s a pen, water-based ink. The unique thing about it is that the ink is “erasable”. Forget those old fashion ink erasers that take a big chuck of the paper with the thing you’re trying to erase. Frixion works like a charm. How does it work? The hint is in the name.

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This banana has bone

Saw this ad at the subway station.「こっちのバナナは骨がある」。It reads “this banana has bone”. Loads of innuendo? Or is it just me? ^^.


ps. 骨 (hone) in Japanese can also mean ‘backbone/spirit/fortitude’. But I’m probably not thinking straight.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

A fan of starcraft? Check out this battle report of starcraft 2. Terrans vs Zergs. I won’t tell you who won, but if you have 20 minutes, give this video a look see. It’s exhilarating! I don’t think I’ll last 7 minutes against either one of them. ^^.

Blizzard’s just plain evil, they tantalize us with battle reports but no release date!



At my desk in school. I love hiding behind my 30in cinema display. Completely out of view, even to the guy with the 20in sitting opposite me. ^^.

ps. Someone else helped me take this shot. I was really just sitting down in front of the display.