Japanese Graduations: Spring 2009

Graduations Spring 2009 2

Spring! The bigger season for graduations! The other season being autumn of course. The majority of Japanese students graduate in March and start running the rat race in April. The usual attire for a Japanese graduation, suits for guys, kimono/hakama/suits for girls. Most girls come in Hakama, some in Kimono. I didn’t see any in their black suit. It’s probably just because I didn’t notice any. Was probably more attracted to bright colors. ^^. I really like the bright colors of the Hakama.

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On the road and Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji from the car 1

Since some old buddies were in town and there was a long weekend, conveniently called a sanrenkyu (三連休) in Japanese, headed out of Tokyo for a Japanese holiday. I was told quite a few years ago by a Japanese friend in his late 30s that the perfect Japanese holiday is to visit the countryside, soak in an onsen ♨, spend one night at the ryokan, have breakfast and dinner in the room (部屋食, heyasyoku) and head back to work the next day. Was quite different from my idea of a holiday. ^^.

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