My favorite tofu: Otokomae

Guy Tofu  002

This is my favorite Japanese tofu brand. Otokomae Tofu, 男前豆腐. It has a very unique and fresh taste that sets it apart from the regular tofu. With soya beans from Hokkaido and water from the southern seas of Okinawa, you’re bound to savor every bite. ^^. Did I mention that some of their tofu is silky smooth too?

Not every supermarket in Tokyo carry their tofu though. I know a few in my area that do. There’s where I get tofu from. Yes, I travel for tofu. ^^.

男前豆腐 has a small “official” shop in Tokyo. It’s more like an outlet actually. Last I went, they had a small shop in one of the departmental stores in Futago Tamagawa. Don’t remember the name of that departmental store.

There were more tofu variations, but I usually get either one of these. 風に吹かれて豆腐屋ジョニー, Blowing in the wind Tofu shop Johnny (top) uses soya beans from Hokkaido and sea water from Okinawa. マサヒロ, Masahiro (right) will turn you into a handsome little thing. The 3 guys on the left, Ryuichi (top), Tetsuo (in the middle) and Masahiro (bottom). In the middle we have Tetsuo, 徹男. It’s tofu for cool guys. ^^.

Care to see what’s under?

Guy Tofu  001

This is under Masahiro. Tofu on the plate has the “otoko” character on it.

Guy Tofu  003

It’s the same case with the 3 tofu guys.

Guy Tofu  004

風に吹かれて豆腐屋ジョニー (Blowing in the wind tofu shop Johnny) on the other hand has “Johnny” instead.

When you go to their website, you’ll be greeted like this. Don’t you just love the greeting? ^^.

This Tofu shop from Kyoto does music too.
If you like their theme song, you could always buy it from iTunes (Japan… not sure if you can get it at other stores).

Check out some of their official goods here.


See that ring down at the bottom?


I would have loved to get that ring, even though it’s just ¥1 shy of ¥10 million. ^^. But it’s out of stock and apparently it’s “johnny only”. So, even my ¥11 million yen is no good for it. ^^. It would be really funny if you walked into someone with a “男” imprinted on his forehead… You can ask, “Hey, you know Johnny?” lol.


How about including some tofu into your diet? I heard it has more than 1 health benefit. ^^.

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