Japanese nurses


Sitting in the dentist’s chair with one’s month opened wide, it’s hard to ignore the 2 pairs (maybe more) looking down inside me… Too much innuendo? Anyway, if the dentist is a guy, my eyes usually ignore him and focus on the cute nurse to my left. I just don’t feel like I should give the dentist too much eye contact when he’s holding a drill or sonic scrapper in my month. Lest he gets intimidated by my stare and starts messing around.. noooo.. that’s the last thing I want. It’s a different story when I get a dentistress. ^^. Anyway, I didn’t.

My eyes shifted and met the nurse’s cute eyes and only her eyes because her other features were covered up. I reckon it’s ok since she’s holding the suction tube and the only thing she can do to hurt me is to let me drown in my own saliva. A little gross, but probably not as painful as a high speed drill moving aimlessly in your mouth.

So I thought. Maybe I should post this question. Do you like your nurse masked or not? Everyone likes nurses right? In more ways than 1 perhaps. ^^. If nurse fantasy or fetishes weren’t a big thing, it would not have been such a pain looking for decent photos of nurses on the internets!

Do a google search on Japanese nurse and what do you think shows up? ^^.

The only sites that have a large collection of nurse photos… I almost lost heart after spending 20 minutes flipping through the many porn sites looking for some decent pictures. Maybe lost concentration would be a better word. lol. But I persevered!

So, how do you like your nurse? ^^.

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  • Joe

    s’all good

  • http://elmimmo.wordpress.com elmimmo

    And you just thought of using some time while someone was drilling stuff in your mouth to take some pictures of completely oblivious nurses? Tell me how you do that. I might visit my dentist too…

  • http://gordonator.com gordon the droid hunter

    have u ever wondered what will happen when the dentist is drilling your teeth and u have a sudden urge to sneeze? (‘~’)

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  • mei

    Nurses here(Ina) can’t let their hair covered the eyes. But seeing you pic with nurses in Japan, they looks so stylish even soo modist with their hair..hehehe

  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    hmm… I usually don’t. But dentists with BO give me a noseache.

  • Sunny

    Both,but masked Chinese/Janpanese nurse is more beautiful