Shibuya #4 Graffiti

Shibuya Graffiti  006

How about we take a look at some of the graffiti one can find while taking a stroll in Shibuya? Some are stickers, some are scribbles, but some really complement their surroundings. Others just answer hard life questions like “Can I have an AT-AT walker as a pet?”.

One thing I have yet to figure out though, is when does all the graphic work get done…

Shibuya Graffiti  001

This is actually under an overhead pass heading into Yoyogi Park.

Shibuya Graffiti  002

A pretty complex work of graffiti art.

Shibuya Graffiti  004

Shibuya Graffiti  005

Shibuya Graffiti  008

One thing I noticed about graffiti on road signs like the one above is that it always comes with a taxi in the background. ^^.

Shibuya Graffiti  007

By the way, if you’re wondering about the BNE stickers, STIPPY has a very informative blog post all about BNE. ^^. BNE is a worldwide phenomenon! BNE stickers can be found in most major cities in the world. There’s even a reward for the capture of Mr BNE. ^^.

Shibuya Graffiti  003

Shibuya Graffiti  009

This one I like. Found it on the way walking from Daikanyama to Shibuya. Don’t you think it adds some color to the already grey stairway? ^^.

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  • Ian

    What’s the BNE thing all about? I saw it everywhere in Tokyo but not sure I’ve noticed back here in Fukuoka.

    Ian´s last blog post..Doing a bailout? Not so easy

  • k

    Just updated the post with a link to another post all about BNE. ^^.

  • bk201

    There’s art…and then there’s graffiti.
    Those stickers are cool

    bk201´s last blog post..Red Eyes

  • mei

    I like the last one, cantik^^

  • Jordan

    I think people might be forgetting that anyone can make these stickers. That seems to be the point of it, almost like a more simplistic knock off of Fairey’s OBEY giant. I had to laugh at that guy on STIPPY who did a search of the bneone domain. As if anyone who might be legally accountable for their art would be dumb enough to register a domain in their real name. Good post, Ken. One of these days I’ll post up all my graf shots as well.

  • k

    looking forward to it!

  • Enrique

    i enjoy the last one! cheers one up as u head to work!

  • gadis cantik

    Selamat siang, salam kenal…
    Baru hari ini saya baca blog ini, ketemu di google 😀

    Si Cantik

  • Darren

    I remember driving out from the grand hotel in Yokohama (had the pleasure of staying there in ’05) and a block away, saw the biggest, baddest, coolest wall of graffiti Ive ever seen. I wanted to take a pic, but gf didnt like the idea. (x-gf). lol. ~dw
    .-= Darren´s last blog ..Overlooking the Gulf of Siam =-.

  • lisa hirata

    konnichiwa! i live in LA and wanted to figure out a way to do a live painting graffiti event or urban art show out in japan. do you know of any shops/stores/people i can get in contact with to make this happen? check out my homeboy’s work on and search for jaber