At the Karaoke #2 Ashita ga aru sa

Okinawa Sunrise  023

Another post about easy Japanese songs to entertain/impress your friends and bosses at the karaoke. There are 2 versions to this. The original “Ashita ga aru sa” (明日があるさ “There’s always tomorrow”) is a Japanese song that was performed by Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto. The song tells the story about a boy that everyday meets a girl at a train station but he is to afraid to confess his love to her, the song is written in a comical sense. When the song was released in Japan 1963, it sold over 8 million records.

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Shibuya #4 Graffiti

Shibuya Graffiti  006

How about we take a look at some of the graffiti one can find while taking a stroll in Shibuya? Some are stickers, some are scribbles, but some really complement their surroundings. Others just answer hard life questions like “Can I have an AT-AT walker as a pet?”.

One thing I have yet to figure out though, is when does all the graphic work get done…

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Nighttime Pringles

Pringles Night Club Black Pepper

Spotted these Night Club Pringles at the local conbini. Comes in two favors. Black pepper and cheddar cheese. Yummy. The only problem with it, is its size. That’s way too small a can for any Pringles chips. 5… maybe 10 minutes at best. ^^. What’s your favor Pringles? I’m old school. I like sour cream and onion.

Pringles Night Club Cheddar Cheese