Amagigoe 天城越え

I’m starting to get into Enka (演歌).

The term Enka refers to the type of Japanese traditional and melodramatic popular songs developed in the postwar Shōwa period (1926-1989)… Enka lyrics are usually about the themes of love and loss, loneliness, enduring hardships, and persevering in the face of difficulties, even suicide or death. Enka suggests a more traditional, idealized, or romanticized aspect of Japanese culture and attitudes, comparable to American country and western music.

What got me interested was not Jero. Rather, it was the song Amagigoe (天城越え) by Ishikawa Sayuri (石川さゆり). Lucky for me, it’s in the Wii Karaoke I bought earlier. ^^.

I’m going to start exploring Enka a little more… does this mean I’m getting old? ^^.

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  • Neil Duckett

    Not old at all Ken ….. i love it, is sing みちづれ at Karaoke, it’s slow and the Kanji is easy so i can follow it OK.

    Neil Duckett´s last blog post..Fine Dining In Tokyo

  • mei

    really nice song ken, I love her expression while she’s singing.
    Although I don’t have any idea what’s the lyric, but its seems like sad song???

    mei´s last blog post..wiken

  • k

    Do you know 酒と泪と男と女 by 河島英五 ? I like to sing this song too at karaoke. Easy to sing and great for surprising your Japanese friends. ^^.

  • k

    yeap. most enka songs have that sadness theme.