Malaysian public toilets

Malaysia isn’t known for her clean public toilets. However, there has been much improvement in recent years. This is probably a pretty average looking public toilet. In the left cubicle, unlike its distant Japanese cousin, the “hole in the ground” does not come with a “missile defence shield”. The washlet comes in the form of a rubber hose attached to a tap in the wall. I don’t recommend using the hose. Washlet ok. Hose no. Like Taro Aso once said on eigo de syabera naito, “it isn’t nice getting sick from the ass”.

I get pissed whenever I have to use a shitty toilet. ^^. My body feels the same way too. One step into dirty toilets and all urges are gone; it’s like nature just hung up on me. You too?

Public Toilets

It’s been a while since I last used one of these urinals. Do you suppose these still exist in Japan? I don’t remember ever using one in Tokyo.

Obama at Narita

I spotted 4 Obamas at Narita airport! All with different “faces”. ^^. Just wondering, did you stay up to watch his inauguration? I reckon it should have been live everywhere in the world. How’s the scene at your local newsagent and bookstore? Do you see a shelf with lots of Obama? ^^.

Narita wasn’t without some chinese new year cheer too. ^^.

Sexy cup noodle lite

Like this commercial. A pretty good mix of sexy and yummy. ^^. Much like what Aya Sugimoto did for PETA, sans the moral issues. Since everyone guessed the “out of focus” photo right, I thought I’ll just upsize the reward from “cookie” to videos of “women stripping for the promotion of cup noodles”. ^^. A breath of fresh air instead of the usual kimutaku commercials.

戸田恵梨香 (Toda Erika) is a Japanese actress. You might remember her as Misa Amane in the movie Death Note: The Last Name.

内田恭子 (Uchida Kyoko) is a freelance announcer and talent in Japan. She can strip while walking the treadmill. Can you?

My next cup noodle is going to be a lite. ^^.

Out of focus

Tokyo Tower

Can you tell what’s in this picture? Care to take a guess? No prizes. Just personal satisfaction and a cookie. ^^. Don’t think you need any clues, so I won’t give any. I suddenly had a thought today. Don’t remember what I was thinking about, but it probably had something to do with work, which has been piling up lately.

“Sometimes things need to be a little out of focus”

At times I tend to wander off, while the conscious me stares into space. Then, everything is out of focus.