Hobby Complex 6

So, I was at Hobby Complex 6 on Sunday. My very first appearance at hobby complex. Heard that it was twice as big as last year. Probably has something to do with the cancellation of winter wonder fest. I took quite a few photos. Some NSFW.

Hobby Complex 6  144

It’s alot smaller than wonfes I attended earlier, but still an interesting event. Loads of figures and stuff.

I have a soft spot for female figures with katanas. I just like the katana, shape and all. I even went to the Japanese Sword Museum near Shinjuku. You should make a trip if you’re interested. Pretty good experience.

Hobby Complex 6  093

Cute school girl in short skirt from Yamato.

Hobby Complex 6  113

Now why are her clothes all tattered and torn?…

Hobby Complex 6  115

Prototype figure from Yamashita Shunya. Looks like we can expect her sometime next year?

Hobby Complex 6  104

Catty. ^^.

Hobby Complex 6  095

Hobby Complex 6  097

A school principal on his knees.

Hobby Complex 6  082

They must have really small bodies to be able to fit in that tiny box.

Hobby Complex 6  077

I kinda like this figure.

Hobby Complex 6  075

BBQ…. yummy!

Hobby Complex 6  055

Every figure starts off like this. Don’t believe me? Check how female figurines are made.

Hobby Complex 6  050

This gunslinger is pretty cool… with the school uniform and all.

Hobby Complex 6  043

Don’t really know who this is, but it’s cute. Japanese Pinocchio.

Hobby Complex 6  042

A strong gust of wind suddenly blows through the exhibition hall.

Hobby Complex 6  012

And it continues blowing…

Hobby Complex 6  013

If you’re good at putting together gundams, you’re free to set shop here and sell your masterpieces.

Hobby Complex 6  007

I would love to show every photo here and add (maybe) witty comments, but there’s just way too many… These are just a few of those SFW which I apparently find interesting. ^^.

Met up with tokyohunter, xenohawak, danny and gordon (not this one) for lunch inbetween. It was nice meeting everyone. Xenohawk promises to return to blogging soon. ^^.

To satisfy the otaku in you, head over to my flickr account for all 270 photos (quite a number are restricted because of hentai-ness). Hope I didn’t miss any. I reckon if you’re old enough to know how to view such content on flickr, you’re old enough to view them. ^^.

I’ll still post some of the photos from hobby complex here from time to time. There are things I would like to write about for some of the pics…

Meanwhile, enjoy this cosy scene in a Japanese apartment.

Hobby Complex 6  207

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