8ish in Tokyo

Almost the end of the year. It’s nomikai season in Japan! Now is probably the best time to experience dining at an izakaya 居酒屋. Lots of noisy, lots of laughter, lots of people getting drunk. Except for the occasional vomit by the roadside, it’s usually happy times for everyone. ^^. Caught up with a good friend at the local yakitori place. It’s always nice to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while. Realised I’ve been rather lazy this year. Have to start working on my new year’s resolution. ^^. Ordered their yakitori don. Yum yum. Catching up with old friends before the year ends?

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve already! Time really flies when you’ll looking back. Anyone still doing any last minute shopping? I bought my last present on amazon and had it shipped to me yesterday. It’s all wrapped up in newspaper… yes… newspaper. By the time I realised that I didn’t have any wrapping paper at home, it was already too late. Newspapers are fine right. It’s the thought that counts.

Anyway, here’s a little video to ease the 12 pains of Christmas. ^^. Merry Christmas everyone! To those who don’t celebrate christmas, Happy Holidays (not that we’re having any here in Japan ^^). Enjoy the song with a walk through Ueno.

My camera is bigger than yours

Whenever I attend hobby shows like wonfes or the recent hobbycon, I’m always amazed at the huge camera setups that some photographers lug around to take photos of the figures on display. There are a few levels. Keitai, compact, dlsr and huge dslr setup. I’m only on level 3. ^^.

Hobby Complex 6  221

I haven’t seen a picture taken by one of these setups, but given the extra mile in acquiring such a setup, I think the pictures should turn out pretty good.

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Hobby Complex 6

So, I was at Hobby Complex 6 on Sunday. My very first appearance at hobby complex. Heard that it was twice as big as last year. Probably has something to do with the cancellation of winter wonder fest. I took quite a few photos. Some NSFW.

Hobby Complex 6  144

It’s alot smaller than wonfes I attended earlier, but still an interesting event. Loads of figures and stuff.

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Exploring the Frontiers of Happiness: TED Talks

On a good day, TED talks are great way to spend 25 minutes not watching youtube when at work. ^^.

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert says our beliefs about what will make us happy are often wrong — a premise he supports with intriguing research, and explains in his accessible and unexpectedly funny book, Stumbling on Happiness.

Some interesting points:
1. “damn fine bets”
2. People are horrible at odds in real life.
3. More dogs than pigs on leashes.
4. Not a bad rule of thumb, except when it is.
5. $25 big macs aren’t that bada deal; context affects decisions. Not probability.
6. A good deal that used to be a great deal is not nearly as good as an awful deal that was once a horrible deal.
7. People are bad at comparing with the past as well as the possible.