Hokkaido from a bus window

From the bus  001

I don’t usually go on tours, but found myself in one on my first trip to Hokkaido. Hokkaido’s a big island. Maybe going on tour first gives one an idea of where to go spend time on the next trip. ^^. At least now I know if I’m not planning to spend time in Sapporo alone, I’ll need a car to get around. I think I’ll try Hakodate on my own next time around. But for now, enjoy these pics that you can only see from a bus window.

From the bus  002

Pictures taken behind glass on a moving object (bus). What’s the charm in this genre?

From the bus  003

Is it the glare and reflection in the glass that was captured in the shot? Or is it the blurriness that shows motion?

From the bus  004

At least in these pics, it must have been the height of the bus. ^^.

From the bus  005

From the bus  006

From the bus  007

From the bus  008

From the bus  009

From the bus  010

From the bus  011

From the bus  012

From the bus  013

From the bus  014

From the bus  015

Going on tour is quite tiring, given the hours spent traveling on the bus. Luckily for me (and us), Japanese coaches are quite comfy. Besides, Hokkaido is a tourism spot. Lots of comfy buses around.

Still… next time I’m there, I’ll hope to be in the driver’s seat. Will miss the height and snapping drive-by photos though…

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  • http://panther.clanbluepanthers.org/ Panther

    Pictures taken through the glass look really nice there.

    Panther´s last blog post..Miyazawa Models Expo 2008 Fall

  • http://kitsunesuki.com Kippei

    The landscape looked so epic….

    Kippei´s last blog post..Misao misao~~~

  • http://bk201.wordpress.com/ bk201

    Tours are nice for just lazing around, doing nothing.

    bk201´s last blog post..Come Back Home

  • http://gordonator.com gordon

    photographers always says that the best time to take pics of sceneries is in the early mornings. well i guess that’s true. ^^;

    gordon´s last blog post..Danny’s Blogging Workshop

  • http://koztaboom.blogspot.com kozta-boom

    It’s absolutely beautiful. *double thumbs-up*

    kozta-boom´s last blog post..Upgrade your Gmail looks today

  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    not just early mornings, but at twilight too. ^^

  • Lee

    superb post. would love to see more of these type of posts since most of yours are usually short.

    it’ll be even great if the photos are a lil’ bigger, just suggestions yeaa, keep it up!