Shaolin Girls

First we had shaolin soccer the movie. Then there was shaolin soccer the tv series. Not wanting to miss out on the shaolin frenzy, Japan came out with 2 shaolin movies of her own. Saw these 2 dvds for rental at the local Tsutaya store.

Shaolin young lady (少林少女), syourinsyoujyo.

and shaolin old lady (少林老女), syourinbaba.

Disregarding the fact that shaolin temple is historically a guys-only monastery, which one would you be more inclined to watch?

Weekly Photos from my iPhone 3

Yeap, it’s the time of the week again. The weekly iPhone photo dump. Actually, it’s been quite a while since the last time I did this. Weekly is misleading, but let’s keep it that way. ^^.

Had this donburi for dinner in Ikebukuro. I think this restaurant was in SPICE, a restaurant level on the top of the Tobu department store.

It had a nice view of the station beneath.

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Out Late in Okinawa

Usually, except for the night life, there’s not much to see if you’re out late anywhere… ok.. if you’re in Tokyo, you get to see people vomiting and sleeping on the sidewalks. That’s interesting in it’s own way. ^^. I was out late along International Street in Okinawa. Was there in the evening for some events/parties and before I knew it, it was close to midnight.

There were quite a few interesting things to see late that night too. Let’s start off when the night was young; what I saw in the evening.

First, it was the matter of getting to International St.

International Street Okinawa  001

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Japanese Onsen Slippers

Sometimes I wonder who these slippers were designed for. You can find them in every Japanese ryokan or onsen. Even hotels too. If it was designed for us humans, it sure wasn’t designed to be comfortable (at least I don’t find it particularly comfy); fits neither our left foot nor right foot.

Making these slippers should be a breeze since there’s only one specific type. If you can bear the agony induced by these slippers, they do save you some brain cycles – no need sort out the left and right when you’re putting them on. It’s also not that big a deal if you lose half a pair. ^^.

My First Experience with Rap

I thought I’ll just take a break from all the “travel posts” and blog about something different tonight… actually, this morning. I’ll have to leave soon because I have to catch an early flight to Kyushu. It’s been a little crazy this month. By the end of November, I would have been to Haneda Airport 6 times! Maybe not as much as some people, but still alot of me. ^^.

So… something different. Let’s talk about my first experience with rap.

2 songs in particular. Really really old 2 songs. Care to take a guess?

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Hokkaido from a bus window

From the bus  001

I don’t usually go on tours, but found myself in one on my first trip to Hokkaido. Hokkaido’s a big island. Maybe going on tour first gives one an idea of where to go spend time on the next trip. ^^. At least now I know if I’m not planning to spend time in Sapporo alone, I’ll need a car to get around. I think I’ll try Hakodate on my own next time around. But for now, enjoy these pics that you can only see from a bus window.

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It’s 0323 in the morning. Decided not to snooze because I have an early flight to catch. I have 2 questions. Anyone know
1) why the clock app shows 1015 sharp?
2) why weather is always 23 degrees celcius (should be celcius right?) when calendar is dynamic? I reckon we should always have a home setting for the weather app icon. That way, just a quick glance is enough to check the current local weather condition. It doesn’t even have to be the current temperature since an internet connection is probably required to keep it up-to-date. With the accuracy of weather forecasts these days and the 6 day forecast buffer, updating with the highs and lows should be doable.

The clock icon doesn’t have to be dynamic. I can think of 1 good reason… I don’t want to be flicking though pages of apps just to check the time. ^^. The centered clock in the menubar works just fine.