Hokkaido Fair 2008

Last weekend there was the Namaste India Fair. This weekend, there was the Hokkaido Fair! It was held at the same place; at Yoyogi Park right opposite NHK studio park. There were tons of yummy goodies, but the ones that I were looking forward to were crab and lamb. By the way, this is not really important, but BBQ-ed lamb is referred to as ジンギスカン (genghis khan, dschinghis khan, jingisukan). It has absolutely nothing to do with the songs. ^^.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  017

Look at all the crabs blushing on the grill. Yummy. I wanted the orangey eggs… and I wanted lots of it! It was going for 500yen a shell. Pretty cheap for freshly grilled crab eggs. The legs and other parts were sold at 1000yen. You can see how popular 焼き蟹 (Yakigani) is by the length of the queue.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  019

Crabs are rather expensive in Japan and it’s more often than not only eaten during special occasions… that is unless you live in Hokkaido, maybe it’s a totally different story there. ^^. The popular crabs in Japan are those from the ocean. Mud crabs aren’t popular here and I haven’t really seen them around.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  022

After downing so many would-be crabs, I was getting rather thirsty. I headed off to my next course, Genghis Khan. I love lamb. I know there are quite a number of people who don’t consume lamb because they find the meat pungent. Are you one of them?

I learnt this from visiting a Genghis Khan restaurant. ラム, lamb, is the meat from a baby sheep or lamb. Meat from a matured sheep is referred to as mutton. Both I like. That reminds me… I haven’t had mutton curry for a while…

When it got to my turn, there was no more meat on the hot plate and I had to wait a couple of minutes while “papa” cooked up some more.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  032

Hokkaido Fair 2008  033

On my right, there were lamb chops sizzling on the barbie. Hungry yet?

Hokkaido Fair 2008  031

Have you seen a sausage lollipop before?

Hokkaido Fair 2008  011

No meal from Hokkaido is complete without a glass of Sapporo Beer. ^^.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  034

The circle is now complete. ^^.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  035

Had to find a quiet spot to sit. There was this couple having a mini picnic behind me. Sweet ain’t it.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  036

And for dessert, a milky white soft cone. Hokkaido milk should be safe. ^^. There was also this little “experience milking a cow” contraption nearby… 1/10 of a fake cow with rubber teats. No real cow, but close enough. Have you milked a real cow before?

Hokkaido Fair 2008  052

Hokkaido Fair 2008  051

This is a no no in many other countries, but in Japan, it is quite normal for one to bring their dogs out to events like this. Japanese dog owners are very well mannered; they clean up whatever mess their dogs leave behind. It’s a good thing. It’s precisely because people go to great lengths not to upset others in the same space, that these kind of things are possible. At least that’s my two yen’s worth. But sometimes they make their dogs wear shoes… this is something that I don’t quite get.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  007

Hokkaido Fair 2008  041

Hokkaido Fair 2008  026

Hokkaido Fair 2008  003

I like this guy’s bag.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  053

Check out the tiny wheels on his bike.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  046

I ran into our friendly neighbourhood spiderman. He didn’t mind posing for a few pictures. ^^.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  050

Random shots around the place.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  042

Hokkaido Fair 2008  015

Hokkaido Fair 2008  008

Hokkaido Fair 2008  013

Hokkaido Fair 2008  014

Hokkaido Fair 2008  012

Hokkaido Fair 2008  025

Hokkaido Fair 2008  039

Hokkaido Fair 2008  005

Hokkaido Fair 2008  001

Hokkaido Fair 2008  045

This is where polar bear and brown bear ramen came from. Grrr!

Hokkaido Fair 2008  006

Events like this are a day out for the whole family. Usually dad rides his own bike while mum handles the kids.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  002

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  • http://panther.clanbluepanthers.org/ Panther


    Dammit those stuff all look delicious. Lol @ friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

    Panther´s last blog post..Saimoe Round 2 Day 13 Results & Day 14 Matchups

  • http://zotaku.com zenical

    I’m hungry. Hope you brought back the lamb chops for me x).

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  • http://www.otadesho.com ron~

    damn, watching all these foods makes me hungry…… that sausage loli looks tasty… hmm loli, erm hmm.. sausage i mean.. 😀

    ron~´s last blog post..1/8 Hoshii Miki ~ Max Factory

  • http://otakudan.com otaku dan

    beer, food, and spider man, that is all what a man needs in life

    otaku dan´s last blog post..Nintendo still has power

  • http://www.narrativedisorder.com Danielle

    Wow looks fantastic Ken! And the info about the name of barbequed lamb wasn’t irrelevant at all, I love that kind of stuff and I’d never have made the connection myself!

    Danielle´s last blog post..Meiji Mura on a perfect day!

  • http://www.chirimotsumoreba.net Jordan

    I actually had the sausage lolipop. It was pretty damn good.

  • http://regagnon.com Thierry

    Nice photos Ken.

    So this was the Hokkaido Fair! I was wondering what was all this. ^^

    Thierry´s last blog post..Rock’n’Roll au Parc Yoyogi

  • http://jasoncollin.org Jason

    Some nice shots (especially of Spider-Man). I use a Nikon D80 also.

    Any reason not to use a photo gallery instead of many embedded photos linked to Flickr?

    Jason´s last blog post..FTW spreads to Japan business signs?

  • http://kenleewrites.com k

    well, it kinda kills 2 birds with one stone. it brings people from flickr here (i hope) and probably send people here to flickr where they can maybe chance upon some other photos that will bring them back here to some other post. it’s almost 4am… am i making sense? ^^

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  • http://sukidesho.blogspot.com/ suki

    That looks like so much fun! I love the atmosphere… you’ve captured them in the photos very well.
    Strange enough, I’ve milked a cow before >.<;; I’ve also drank freshly milked .. milk. It’s warm and sweet, you should try it sometime!

    suki´s last blog post..Idle fun

  • http://newyorkdudeinindia.blogspot.com newyorkdude

    Sitting here in New York I couldn’t help but notice one major difference between the fair in Yoyogi Park and the average street fair here in New York City: the Japanese fair lacks the lived-in atmosphere created by lots of paper and coffee cups and bottles on the pavement. [I’m being sarcastic….at the expense of New York] They certainly keep the streets clean in your park!!!!

  • http://theghostletters.blogspot.com/ freedomwv

    The little weekends fests in Yoyogi are always a good time.

    freedomwv´s last blog post..J-blog of the Week Ed#3 Tokyo Damage Report

  • http://www.japanesewords.net/2009/02/27/common-japanese-words/ Japanese words

    Looks like you had a great time and some good food. Hokkaido soft seems to be popular no matter where you go. Even down here in the islands.