Topology Optimization

I thought I’ll just give you a peak into what I do when I’m in my serious mode. ^^. This is called structural topology optimization. In layman terms, we want a structure with certain mechanical properties and we want to achieve it with a limited amount of material. Can you think of what you would like to do with a tool like this?

Shibuya – the dodgy area and Kendo gear

If you’ve been to Tokyo, or planning a trip here, Shibuya will probably be on your list… right? hmmm… bright neon lights!

Dodgy Shibuya  001

Have you been to Shibuya’s dodgy area? You know, where there’s lots of pink neon lights and stores which provide free information on where the action is at and what’s hot? Not to mention the … ahem… toy stores. ^^.

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Hokkaido Fair 2008

Last weekend there was the Namaste India Fair. This weekend, there was the Hokkaido Fair! It was held at the same place; at Yoyogi Park right opposite NHK studio park. There were tons of yummy goodies, but the ones that I were looking forward to were crab and lamb. By the way, this is not really important, but BBQ-ed lamb is referred to as ジンギスカン (genghis khan, dschinghis khan, jingisukan). It has absolutely nothing to do with the songs. ^^.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  017

Look at all the crabs blushing on the grill. Yummy. I wanted the orangey eggs… and I wanted lots of it! It was going for 500yen a shell. Pretty cheap for freshly grilled crab eggs. The legs and other parts were sold at 1000yen. You can see how popular 焼き蟹 (Yakigani) is by the length of the queue.

Hokkaido Fair 2008  019

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1st Japan Blogger Dinner

I was invited by Danny to join in on a Japan Blogger Dinner. I didn’t know what to expect before I went, but it was great and I did have a good time. There were many bloggers, youtubers, web designers, people from google, mozilla etc. The who’s who of the net was in the same room with me! ^^. Most were gaijins, but there were also a number of Japanese bloggers too!

Japan Blogger Dinner  001

I bumped into Neil and Glen (hope I got the spelling right) on the train going there. Be sure to go check out their sites!

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