Difficult Lunch

How can one have lunch peacefully when he’s surrounded by difficult books! >< Well, instant brazilian chicken noodles, royal milk tea and a rice triangle. That’s how. ^^

One Expensive Banana


Due to the overwhelming response I got from my previous post "One Expensive Durian", I've decided to make a sequel! I present, for your visual enjoyment, "One Expensive Banana"! Yes, it's ¥179 for each sweet banana (スイートバナナ) from the Phillipines! I wonder if they know their one banana is fetching such a high price over here in Japan. ^^

iPhone Suica App

Alright, for all of you in Japan with brand new iphones and regretting that you ditched your old cell with suica or pasmo (electronic money) built in, look no further! After a minute… of searching the net, I found the fix! It’s simple really. Found it here. I liked it so much that I linked the step by step instructions in the post! Only 2 steps. The pictures are self explanatory ^^.

Tokyo Tower At Night

tokyotower  017

I’m sure everyone (or almost everyone) has heard of Tokyo Tower. If you’ve not, now’s a good time ^^. It’s a big red/orangey carrot looking tower communications tower in Tokyo. Standing at 333m talk, it’s one of the famous faces of Tokyo. But it’s soon going to be overshadowed by a “New Tokyo Tower”, recently dubbed “Tokyo Sky Tree”. This new “Tokyo Sky Tree”, if completed, is expected to touch the sky at 610m. Almost twice the current Tokyo Tower. Hopefully by then, they will make going up to the top free. Currently, you have to pay and pay to get up and up. Seriously! There are two levels and you have to pay for each level. Pay and pay… sounds a little familiar… where have I heard this acronym before ^^. Anyway, I took the photos from the new sky deck right at the top of Roppongi Hills. Right now they are having a lover’s sanctuary week thing going on. You get discounts going up if you’re a couple, or pretending to be one ^^.