The Sacred Bridge (神橋 shinkyō)

Nikko  057

Some photos from my Nikko trip earlier. These photos are of the Shinkyo Bridge or Sacred Bridge or “Deity Bridge”. One of the three mystical bridges in Japan… sadly I don’t know what the other 2 are ><. I’m going to just be a little lazy and quote,

“Legend has it that the hermit who settled Nikko was carried across the river here by two serpents. In feudal times, the sacred bridge could be used only by the emperor.The Shinkyo has long been considered one of the most beautiful structures in Japan, its simple elegance contrasting with the wildness of the river gorge, the green hills, and the tumbling waters.”

Quoted from here. The red really stands out against the green, blue and gray background. It’s quite a sight!

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Nikko  059

Nikko  060

Nikko  061

Nikko  062

Nikko  064

Nikko  065

Traditional Jeju market

Right before leaving Jeju, we had a few hours to kill. So… where did we go? We went to the traditional market near the airport. Actually, we thought we were going to a shopping area… you know, consumer shopping. However, imagine our surprise when we found fruits, meat, vegetables and lots of seafood at the market! Just like a wet market! So much for our plans to go souvenir shopping… however, all’s not lost! We managed to find a supermarket at the end of the street!

Jeju  146

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Photos from two gardens here. The indoor Botanical Garden Yeomiji and the Spirited Garden (Bunjae Artpia). Bunjae is the Korean word for Bonsai. Bunjae Artpia is without a doubt the garden to visit if you had to choose between the two. It’s not just plants. You can also have a philosophical experience at the Bunjae Artpia.

In this post, there are also 2 photos I took with 2 local Korean girls. One our tour guide, who is a pure Jeju local and two, someone who helped me a great deal at the conference (I think she’s from Seoul). Must take photos with some locals right ^^?

Here’s inside Yeomiji. The indoor botanical garden. That’s a fine looking structure.

Jeju  120

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First steps on Jeju Island

All packed up and ready to go!

There was such a long queue. Seems like everyone was heading for Korea.

Shaka Shaka Chicken for breakfast. Simply lovely.

Narita Terminal 1 looks much better after the renovation.

There’s this nice arts and craft shop… nice to see, but didn’t buy anything though.

Unazukin nicely tucked in.

Lots of passengers on board.

Lunch on Korean Air.

Saw this old guy reading soft porn. Reading?!?

Lots of Korean school girls came too. Where have you been on a high school excursion.

Jeju International Airport.

My hotel for the next few days. Haevichi Hotel and Resort.

Look like someone I know…

The view from my room.

Nice bathroom.

Forgot hotels in Korea don’t provide you with a toothbrush. Got to buy one… sigh.

My first meal in Jeju… shrimp flavored cup noodles!

Lake Chuzenji (中禅寺湖)

Some relaxing pics taken in Japan before I head off to Jeju. For the next few days, it’s just Jeju! These photos I took when I went to Nikko. Some other Nikko posts here. Lake Chuzenji (中禅寺湖) is a very nice lake, apparently formed by volcanic activity. I didn’t spend much time there. It was already quite late after visiting Kegon Falls… everywhere else closed at about 6pm. Not during tourist season I guess… Getting here was only a 5 minute drive from Kegon Falls. We just drove there, took some photos and headed back down to central Nikko. It does look like a nice and quiet spot to get some R&R… someday…

Nikko  048

Nikko  049

Nikko  050

Nikko  051

Nikko  052

Nikko  053

Nikko  054

Nikko  055

Where do you go for R&R?

Kegon Falls (華厳滝 Kegon no Taki)

Nikko  045

Another interesting spot to visit in Nikko. Kegon Falls is quite the majestic waterfall, apparently formed when the Daiya River was rerouted by lava flows (read it on wikipedia). Read something else about it I found quite disturbing…

“The Kegon Falls are infamous for suicides, especially among Japanese youth”

Probably not a good place to be late at night. ^^.

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